20 Jan 2015

Waste remediation technology company and Thebarton Technology Precinct Incubator tenant Ziltek Pty Ltd has enjoyed numerous successes, including taking its unique RemScanTM device into the lucrative US market.


Developed in collaboration with the CSIRO and supported by the Victorian HazWaste Fund, RemScanTM is a hand-held infrared device that allows instantaneous measurement of petroleum hydrocarbon contamination in soil.  Multiple early sales have already been made to a multinational oil company based in WA and an environmental protection agency. The positive feedback has paved the way for the company’s next stage of market development.

“We’ve always had the strategy of using Australia as a testing ground for the technology so that we can refine the product before entering the more sophisticated US market,” said Dr Richard Stewart, co-founder and Managing Director of Ziltek. “We are pleased to have identified two high calibre early adopters that are keen to work with us in Australia.”

“The oil company that we sold to in Western Australia showed a willingness to provide a direct gateway for us into the US market. Two other oil companies who tested the technology in Australia offered a similar route to market overseas”.

“This was a more strategic way of entering the US market rather than just going in blind.”

In 2013, Ziltek appointed Mr Chris Lawrence as Commercial Manager after receiving a Commercialisation Australia Experienced Executives grant.

“We were approaching the end of our product development work and looking at getting RemScanTM into the market and we wanted an experienced sales and marketing executive on board to manage that process,” Dr Stewart said.

“Chris has twenty-five years’ experience in the oil and gas industry and, as it happened, Chris was available – perfect timing for us, with a perfect background. His assistance has accelerated our US market launch, and we’ve been able to draw on his extensive networks in the petroleum space.”


BioSA (now TechInSA) supported Ziltek throughout the development process by providing grants for the initial commercialisation of RemScanTM, as well as the additional funding required for the independent verification of the device before it entered the US Market.

From only two employees in March 2011 to currently employing eight staff, the international launch of RemScanTM is expected to result in an increase in staff at Ziltek as well as ongoing local investment in the company and its products.

For more information, please visit www.ziltek.com.au