TGR BioSciences Pty Ltd (TGR)

10 Feb 2015

Established in 2001, TGR BioSciences Pty Ltd (TGR) is committed to providing innovative solutions for cell-based research applications. With expertise in cell biology, biochemistry and immunoassay design, TGR support their client’s research efforts by continually providing new cellular assays for the interrogation of cellular processes that underlie disease.

TGR’s CaptSure™ technology is an innovation that provides major improvements in speed, simplicity and productivity compared to conventional ELISA and related immunoassay formats.

ELISA kits developed using TGR’s CaptSure™ technology are biotin-free, solution phase immunoassays that take as little as 1 hour to complete, and require few handling steps – including a single wash cycle – and can be used to measure either one or two analytes per assay.

TGR has developed its own successful line of sandwich ELISA products for the detection of protein phosphorylation in cellular lysates, and also works with commercial partners to develop products for R&D, routine testing and diagnostic applications in any industry.

TGR’s other platform technology, SureFire, underpins a range of assay kits for analysis of cellular phosphoproteins, and is manufactured in Adelaide. An early BioSA (now TechInSA) grant helped fund the development of SureFire and TGR now have over 60 SureFire kits currently available, each measuring a different cell signalling target.

SureFire kits are distributed exclusively through PerkinElmer, Inc. (USA), a global market leader in laboratory reagents

“We’ve been working with PerkinElmer for several years and they have been a great collaborator for our SureFire kits,” said Ms Anne Hinton, CEO of TGR BioSciences.

TGR has recently released its upgraded version of this technology, AlphaLISA SureFire Ultra, with greatly improved performance specifications. The second-generation AlphaLISA SureFire Ultra kits combine TGR’s proprietary CaptSure technology with PerkinElmer’s high–performance bead-based Alpha technology. The new kits help to make protein screening faster and more sensitive.

“With the release of the AlphaLISA SureFire Ultra kits in October 2014, we’ll be working even closer with PerkinElmer as we co-develop new products and explore new markets”, said Anne Hinton (TGR CEO).

“Because we can plug multiple antibodies into the assay, we can effectively measure any protein target, screening drug candidates and supporting research on a wide range of diseases,” said Dr Michael Crouch, TGR’s Director of Business Development.

“We are accessing markets that we couldn’t before, because these new kits have the capability of measuring more complex samples, like serum or tissues.”


The TGR test kits will be used mainly for drug discovery, in many fields including cancer, inflammatory diseases and diabetes. The AlphaLISA SureFire Ultra assays are designed to reduce assay time by up to 50 per cent, helping to improve the efficiency of determining effective drug candidates.

TGR does all of its manufacturing in South Australia, and for Ms Hinton, having a manufacturing arm is crucial to being able to develop a product that is fit for an end user’s purpose.

“Quality control is very important to us,” Ms Hinton said. “Therefore, being able to source scientists of a high quality along with infrastructure and government support has helped us to produce a quality product and to get where we are.”

The global success of TGR and PerkinElmer’s long-term relationship assisted the South Australian company to reach profitability and return a dividend to its shareholders. TGR has also licensed its CaptSure technology to global antibody company, Abcam PLC. The licence allows the South Australian technology to be utilised by Abcam to expand its catalogue of plate-based ELISA immunoassays.

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