31 Aug 2017

Signing up for success

Signing in and out of buildings and businesses has become standard practice for those who move around the corporate world, but South Australian company Sine is revolutionising the experience – digitising the process and embedding additional value into what was once a humble clipboard with a pen attached to the end of a string.

At its basic level, Sine allows businesses to digitally sign-in their visitors, instantly printing out a badge in a process that is quick and professional. Layers of additional details can also be included right then and there, such as digital signing of NDAs, site induction information, special permits and host approvals. The possibilities are endless, and Sine’s clients are relishing the simplicity of having everything in one system.

“No matter where you work, visitors are something we all see,” said Antony Ceravolo, Sine CEO. “But at some sites, visitor and contractor management can become a complex matrix of compliance and safety information.”

Enter the latest development of the software platform, with a focus on contractor management and mobile phone accessibility.

“The software was there already in our visitor check-in system, but we refocused to meet the many and varying requirements that come with working with contractors,” said Mr Ceravolo. “Our new offering includes geolocation check-in, automatic display of work health and safety inductions and check-in/out forms on entry/exit. In the case of an emergency, the system provides for live messaging directly to visitors’ phones, and site managers can access live lists of all contractors on site, all from their mobile phone.”

Using the technology in this way is an innovation and the company is taking on new clients daily, having so far rolled out the product in more than 1200 cities around the world. That number is only likely to increase, with offices in London and New York already working overtime to keep up with demand.

“With a global market in mind, South Australia provided us with the ideal backdrop to grow an international business,” said Mr Ceravolo. “The ability to hire and establish a presence here is cost effective and allowed our resources to go that much further in the early days of establishing the business. As we continue to grow we are looking towards the possibility of expanding our offices, not just in our overseas branches but right here in Australia as well. We want to firmly make South Australia our headquarters and build a long-term base here in Adelaide.”

Mr Ceravolo has founded various technology and media businesses over the last 15 years in Europe and Australia and loves building great teams. He was fortunate to co-found, the video-on-demand platform, which was sold to Amazon Inc. in 2008 for over $500 million. He lives in Adelaide where Sine HQ is located and is excited about growing his next global business. The business received funding from the South Australian Government though the SAECF grant administered by TechInSA

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