South Australian Early Commercialisation Fund

The South Australian Early Commercialisation Fund (SAECF) is a new SA State Government grant program established to assist South Australia’s entrepreneurs and innovative organisations looking to commercialise novel products and services. The SAECF will provide eligible companies and organisations with grants of up to a maximum of $500,000 + GST with matched funding required in most cases.

Submitting an SAECF expression of interest or application is free! Our Industry Development team will assist you. No need for professional grant writers TechInSA provides independent and free advice.

Further information on the SAECF is set out in the SAECF Guidelines, available at:
Download the SAECF Guidelines

To complete an SAECF Expression of Interest, please read the above SAECF Guidelines and click on the link at the bottom of the Guideline document.

For more information about the SAECF grant program, please contact:

Dr Judy Halliday
Director, Industry Development
P |  + 61 8 8217 6400
E |

View the SAECF brochure here.



Commercialisation Fund

Businesses whose focus includes at least one of the following:

  • High-technology manufacturing or novel technologies related to high-technology manufacturing;
  • Development or production of innovative or intellectual property focused products;
  • Provision of knowledge-intensive services that utilise R&D, science or technology, and highly skilled workers.

Expressions of Interest (EoI) are accepted on a continuous basis. You may apply at any time. EoIs are considered by the Industry Development (ID) team on a weekly basis. The ID team will inform applicants once their EoI has been reviewed.

At the EoI stage, only non-confidential information is requested. Post EoI approval, a Confidential Disclosure Agreement (CDA) will be signed between your company and TechInSA. You may be required to provide confidential information (e.g. contracts, Intellectual Property information) but that information will remain confidential.

There is no minimum grant amount under SAECF, the maximum grant amount is $500,000.

Up to $50,000 $3 of SAECF funding for every $1 contributed
Above $50,000 up to $200,000 $2 of SAECF funding for every $1 contributed
Above $200,000 up to $500,000 $1 of SAECF funding for every $1 contributed


Matched funding requirements will be addressed during Stage 2.

There is no set minimum or maximum project period – however, most projects depending on size and complexity range from 3 to 18 months.

A case manager will be assigned to work on your project. They will be your main point of contact during and after your application. The case manager will work closely with you following receipt of your initial draft application to complete all due diligence. They will provide support to help develop the best possible application. Unlike other grant programs, you will be asked a lot of questions during due diligence. The case manager will then prepare a grant recommendation paper for the approval process based on the due diligence conducted.

This depends on several factors including the size of the requested grant, the quality of the application, and the complexity of the required due diligence. Grant requests for less than $50k are presented to our Senior Management team on a monthly basis once the Industry Development team has completed the due diligence. For the larger grants, the TechInSA Board meets on average every 2 months.

Your case manager will keep you informed of the progress of your application at each stage. At the end of the process, if your application is successful you will receive a letter from our Minister, the Hon. Kyam Maher MLC.

TechInSA may consider that your application is not likely to be successful at any time during the process. In this case, you will receive notification that your application is not successful. You will of course be able to contact the Director, Industry Development in charge of the SAECF program to ask for feedback.

Please refer to our website – The IAP meeting will comprise 3–5 sitting panel members.

Once your grant is approved by the Minister, TechInSA will enter into a Deed of Grant with you. This document will detail the project period, scope, milestones, eligible expenditures, reporting requirements and, if applicable, repayment conditions. As soon as the Deed of Grant is executed, you will be able to submit your first invoice and receive your first tranche payment (subject to any pre-requisites).

Yes. You can apply for a different project or for the same one. Any new application will go through the assessment process.

The payment schedule (tranches) will be determined based on the project milestones and on the company cash-flow forecast. Payments are usually made in advance to allow you to cover the expenses related to the next milestone. A final payment is made in arrears once the project completion report is validated and the financial acquittal completed for the entire project (TechInSA funding + matching component).

No. Although the preference is to work with local suppliers/partners, we understand that not all capabilities/competencies are available in South Australia. It is up to you to decide what makes sense for your business and to wisely use local or external resources including those from overseas.

Post award of the grant, your case manager will remain engaged with you if/when necessary. They will be available for any questions related to the grant management but also for additional support (e.g. brainstorming session, introduction to key contacts and so on).

Depending on your project you may be required to provide interim financial acquittals or simply a final financial acquittal at the end of the grant. You will have to provide a report (template provided by TechInSA) including all relevant invoices and proof of payments.

The Deed of Grant is a legal document that will define the milestones and eligible expenditures related to your project. As running a business involves making decisions and adapting to external changing factors, TechInSA recognises the need for some flexibility. If you plan to change something, you should contact your case manager in advance of the change so that they can work with you to understand the reasons for and impact of the change before submitting a request for a variation to the Deed of Grant.

This question is addressed in the Deed of Grant. TechInSA and the South Australian government will have the right to publish press releases mentioning your company/grant. Only non-confidential pre-agreed information will be used.

Once the project is completed (report and financial acquittal validated) you will have some ongoing reporting requirements as detailed in your Deed of Grant.