The SAECF Independent Assessment Panel (IAP) members comprise of subject matter, business and commercialisation experts from industry.

Between 3–5 IAP members are selected to participate at each IAP meeting to consider and assess SAECF grants above a certain threshold that have been recommended to them by TechInSA. The following persons are in the current pool of IAP members:



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Andrew Downs

SAGE Automation

Andrew Leunig

Leunig Advisory

Ann Angel

Accelerating Commercialisation

Anne Collins

Trajan Scientific and Medica

Craig Yeung

Motus Legal

Doug Adamson

Accelerating Commercialisation

Grant Steinberg

Accelerating Commercialisation

Greg Siegele


Helen Ujvary

Oxford University Innovation

John Hood

JH Advisory

John O’Brien

Australian CleanTech

Kirk Drage


Mark Fusco

Advanced Focus

Michelle Perugini

Life Whisperer and Presagen

Nick Haan


Tim Waterhouse