Insights - what makes an investor not invest? | Video

Insights – what makes an investor not invest? | Video

Why do investors decline an opportunity? Sometimes it’s because your valuation might be too high, or it might be because you haven’t clearly outlined how you’ll scale your technology. Other times it could be that they simply are not the right investors for that technology.

Investors are people too! And sometimes they just make the wrong investment decision. Check out The Anti Portfolio by Bessemer Venture Partners for some examples of epic misses!

But whatever the reason, raising capital from investors is crucial to the success of a startup, and getting the attention of the right investors at the right time is critical to positioning your company for success.

Facilitated by Dr Judy Halliday, TechInSA hosted a panel of experts including Brett Thorneycroft (DW Fox Tucker Lawyers), Mike Molinari (IP Group) and Jim Kalokerinos (Angel Investor, Brisbane Angels) for an Insights Seminar session and in-depth discussion on strategies and approaches when seeking investment. Check out the video below where some of the panel outline reasons why they have not invested in the past, and also provide some great tips for maximising your chance of success.

And if you do think the reason you’re not getting the investment attention you might deserve is due to your valuation, then come along to our ‘Introduction to startup valuation’ workshop on 21 March 2018.

Stay tuned for more videos on raising capital.


Biographies of the presenters

Dr Judy Halliday – Director, Industry Development, TechInSA

Brett Thorneycroft – Consultant, DW Fox Tucker Lawyers

Mike Molinari – Managing Director, IP Group Australia

Jim Kalokerinos – Entrepreneur and Investor, Brisbane Angels


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