What lies beneath? Business breakfast event | 21 May 2018

What lies beneath? Business breakfast event | 21 May 2018

Date:         Monday 21 May 2018
 7:15am – 9:30am (breakfast included)
The Adelaide Convention Centre, North Terrace, Adelaide
Cost:         $80.00 Registration essential

During breakfast with Heather J MacKenzie, businesses, entrepreneurs and startups will hear how they can cultivate a working environment that makes people feel valued, supported and respected.

Heather is an international entrepreneurship, startup and female leadership expert from Denver, Colorado. She will share her own #metoo story, how it changed her life and how it forced her to take a step back and redefine her priorities and capabilities. Heather uses this story to inspire people to examine their definition of success and create one that fulfils their purpose.

Don’t miss your chance to hear from this inspiring international speaker together with Niki Vincent (EO Commissioner) and Donny Walford (Business Leader). Book your seat at the event now and receive a discount by entering the code: startupVIP

Hear how to break free from expectations, overcome adversity and redefine what success is, and uncover what lies beneath the culture that has permitted a tolerance for inequality and harassment.

About Heather J MacKenzie

Heather J MacKenzie combines dramatic stories and hard-learnt life lessons from more than 25 years as a top healthcare executive while raising six wildly diverse children as a single mother.

A keynote speaker who inspires CEOs and leaders to examine their definition of success and create one that fulfils their purpose, Heather is passionate about sharing her personal story of tribulation, transformation and triumph to highlight the importance of connection and mindful living.

“My seemingly successful life came to an end overnight. And when the blocks came crashing down, I realised how misplaced they were. So I decided to put them where they belong and become who I was truly meant to be. This is my story.” – Heather J MacKenzie.

Find out more and register for this event here.



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