ThincLab Châlons open for business in France.

ThincLab Châlons open for business in France.

The new ThincLab Châlons business incubator is now open for business in France, and the University of Adelaide is taking applications from Australian and French businesses who would like to be a part of this program and take advantage of a generous five-year tax-free period.

The University’s team of business mentors on the ground in France can work with you to test your business concept in Europe to determine if it will fly without the need to disrupt your life in Australia and be away from your core business.

This flexible incubation process does not require you to relocate to France.

The team in ThincLab Châlons can work with businesses to:

  • iteratively and systematically develop a business model that assesses the fit between your product and the intended customer market segment, through a process of identifying, exploring, and validating alternate business models for your product/service or experience
  • gain access to one of the most beneficial areas to establish a business in Europe, offering a five-year income tax exemption, up to 30% cash grants for asset investment, and reduced social employment taxes
  • investigate further sources of funding (government and private equity) that may be available for establishing your business in France
  • establish local and international connections in France and beyond.

The process occurs over a three- to six-month period, and at the conclusion you can decide if it is viable to invest resources and set up in France. Should you decide to invest further, ThincLab Châlons can help you to set up and launch your business and to receive a five-year tax-free period.

Register your interest or find out more here.

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