Innovation to application | tips for investment and commercialisation

Innovation to application | tips for investment and commercialisation

The process from concept to product is a long one!

Understanding it, and bringing in the right people at the right time, can make all the difference.

Below, we’ve captured some short videos from experts in commercialisation and investment, as they discuss the commercial path of Prep’d – a revolutionary rapid rehydration drink for professional and amateur sports-people or those doing extreme physical work or activity.

With support from various partners including TechInSA, the drink has moved from concept, through the commercialisation pipeline, to product launch this year.

Hear from TechInSA’s Chief Executive Joe Thorp, co-inventor of Prep’d Professor Ian Brown, Managing Director and CEO of Preserve Health David Vincent, and Bluesky’s Head of Venture Capital Elaine Stead, as they discuss tips for investment and commercialisation.



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