Industry grant helps innovative technology to drive farm safety

Industry grant helps innovative technology to drive farm safety

Managing safety on large properties can be challenging, but new geo-fencing technology introduced by South Australian company Safe Ag Systems will assist in the process.

The geo-fencing technology is part of the company’s version 2.0 software, launched on 22 May 2018, and is designed to send a notification to a farm manager when a worker or contractor enters their property.

Safe Ag Systems Chief Executive Officer Katy Landt said the new feature was one of many in the latest version of the company’s software, which is designed to make safety management easier for agribusinesses.

“We have initiated a range of features in version 2.0 of the Safe Ag Systems software to help Australian agribusinesses ensure their compliance with relevant legislation and ensure a safer workplace,” said Ms Landt. “We have incorporated new abilities our initial users suggested to us, and have developed an innovative product which is lighter, faster and a platform that is future-ready.”

“The grant we received as part of the South Australian Early Commercialisation Fund through TechInSA of almost $500,000 played a huge part in enabling this upgrade. It has allowed us to expand nationally and initiate plans to export,” said Ms Landt.

“We currently have 3500 users in the Safe Ag Systems community, but still have a long way to go to ensure industry change.”

Other features in the update include a QR code creation and scanning tool. A business can create a checklist for a certain piece of equipment, such as a tractor, and require all workers to complete the checklist before operating the equipment each time, or on a regular basis.

The code can simply be printed and attached to the equipment or structure.

“This is then scanned by workers before operating the equipment, requiring them to complete the checklist. Whenever the code is scanned, it takes a time and date stamp and records who has completed the checklist – a great way to reiterate training and bring safety to front of mind,” Ms Landt said.

Safe Ag Systems full product demonstration (5:55mins)

Offline capability has been activated for components within the system too, which enables workers to complete checklists, undertake inductions or add maintenance records or hazards while they are out in a paddock. In case of poor mobile phone reception, the information will be stored in the app until mobile coverage improves, when the data will be synced across all users.

Ms Landt said Safe Ag Systems is not just a tool, but a full-service offering for agribusinesses to manage on-farm safety.

“We offer a service, not just a piece of software, and help growers and agribusiness understand their legal obligations,” she said.

“We have undertaken nearly 45 educational workshops nationally. Our aim is to educate the industry on how to minimise risk and engage their workers to foster a culture of safety.”

A contractor directory has been created, which aims to link growers using the app with contractors who also have a focus on safety.

“This service is free for contractors to list on – they’re not required to sign up for the full program, but instead it lets farmers connect with them, knowing they’re committed to safety,” Ms Landt said.

“We know that those within our Safe Ag Systems community are more likely to choose contractors who are proactive towards safety, so being able to list on this free directory will be of benefit to producers and contractors alike.”

Safe Ag Systems is available via or phone 08 8490 0939.

Check out more videos from Safe Ag Systems on their YouTube Channel.


Katy Landt, CEO | 08 8490 0939 | 0419 822 119

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