AusBiotech and Johnson & Johnson Industry Excellence Awards now open

AusBiotech and Johnson & Johnson Industry Excellence Awards now open

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The AusBiotech and Johnson & Johnson Industry Excellence Awards are now open for the AusBiotech 2017 national conference, to be held from 25-27 October.

AusBiotech 2017 will bring together Australian and international life science leaders and stakeholders in Adelaide to exchange ideas, strengthen partnerships across the sector and advance the industry’s standing both nationally and globally.

Awards are presented at the AusBiotech national conference to recognise the highest achievers in the Australian life sciences. From researchers who successfully translate their discoveries to clinical practice, to companies who pioneer the developments of new treatments and reliable diagnostics, these prestigious Awards recognise the leading lights of Australia’s world-class biotechnology, medical technology and healthcare sectors. Nominations are open until Friday 29 September 2017.

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