National Angel Awards 2018 | 11-14 September 2018

11 Sep 2018

Date:        11-14 September 2018
Venue:     Angels of Australia Cruise (departing Brisbane 11 September 2018)
Cost:       See website

Techboard will soon open up nominations for the National Angel Awards 2018. The awards focus on angel investments in Australia, covering the 2018 financial year, and include categories such as Best Angel Deal, Most Active Angel Group and Best Angel Exit. The awards will be based on a data-driven assessment as well as a judging panel with representatives from each regional angel group, led by Jordan Green (Chairman of the Australian Association of Angel Investors and of the Asian Business Angel Forum). The Awards will take place on the Angels of Australia Cruise from 11-14 September 2018.

Angel Cruise

Angels of Australia’s inaugural event is the 2018 Angels of Australia Cruise – a conference to be held in September on a 4-day cruise where new and experienced angel investors can network, explore opportunities and grow activity.

The cruise will depart Brisbane on 11 September 2018 for the Whitsunday Islands, and return on 14 September 2018.

Themes for discussion will focus on artificial intelligence, big data and how these sectors are generating new investment opportunities in Australia.

Angels of Australia was established in 2018 to raise awareness of and involvement in the angel investor stage of investment. The group’s primary focus is on events designed to bring all angel groups together to strengthen and grow a collaborative community nationally. It is an informal group of experienced angel investors, affiliated with Australia’s prominent angel investment groups and Techboard.

More information can be found here.

National Angel Awards 2018 | 11-14 September 2018