Introduction to startup valuation | Workshop 21 March

21 Mar 2018

Date:          Wednesday 21 March 2018
8:00am – 1:00pm – a light breakfast and morning tea will be provided
The Precinct Conference Centre, TechInSA Incubator, 2 Ann Nelson Drive, Thebarton SA 5031
Cost:          $50.00 including GST Registration essential 

An introductory workshop on measuring the value of your startup

As soon as you start thinking about the need to raise capital for your startup, the question of valuation comes up. How do you measure the value of a startup that may be a very long way from revenue? Perhaps more importantly, why is valuation necessary? How do you sort through the various approaches and work out which ones might be most useful for your startup?

“Unlike valuing companies with revenues, assets and longer track records there is no agreed-upon standards for startups. Valuation of a pre-revenue company is often one of the first points of contention that must be negotiated between angels and entrepreneurs.” 

The Art of Valuing a Startup – Forbes

To help startups understand how to value their business, TechInSA is running a half-day introductory valuation workshop.

The aim of the workshop is to put valuation of startups into context and to give a high-level overview of some of the common approaches to valuation, including the spillover benefits and potential pitfalls! The workshop will include useful tips, take-home tools, case studies and some participation exercises.

Outline of workshop objectives

Provide a broad introductory understanding of the various approaches to valuation and why/when they might be useful, including,

  • the importance of cash flow and the various assumptions
  • the importance of sensitivity analysis and testing those assumptions
  • how valuation is useful as a business hygiene tool
  • valuation as a beginning point but almost never an endpoint
  • awareness that valuation almost never gives you an absolute number!
  • valuing your startup reveals very useful information about:
    • competitor/comparator companies
    • current trends in deal structures relevant to your company
    • the impacts of several “what if” scenarios for your company cash flow –
      • what if revenue is delayed by three months?
      • what if outsourcing costs double?
      • what if suppliers are delayed when you need to raise capital etc?


Brendan Daw from DAW Accounting and Advisory: Brendan has extensive experience working with startups, SMEs and large established companies in determining valuations.

Judy Halliday from TechInSA: Judy has experience in founding, investing in and capital raising for high-tech startups and plenty of hands-on practical experience with valuation of startups.

Members of the Industry Development team at TechInSA who have a breadth of experience across industry sectors will present case studies and facilitate the workshop sessions.

Places are limited. Register now!

Introduction to startup valuation | Workshop 21 March