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18 Apr 2017

The following article is provided courtesy of the Kain Foundation.

Are you interesting in increasing your employee engagement and satisfaction?  Does your team want to give back to your community and make the world a better place? 

The Kain Foundation offers a way for companies to engage in corporate philanthropy through the power of ‘crowd-volunteering’ and outlines an opportunity to participate in the Uganda community-volunteering trip.  

John Kain, Founder and Managing Director of Kain Lawyers answered yes to both of these questions when he founded the firm in 2004.  He believed those working at the law firm occupy a position of privilege, and with that privilege comes responsibility to help others.  As such, he established the foundation in 2005 with the vision to unlock compassion to change the world.  In the ensuing decade since, the foundation has served as a vehicle for not only the Kain Lawyers team to give back and build connections through community development projects overseas and in Adelaide, but also for many other like-minded businesses and their employees.

The beauty of this model is that when teams work together on projects as diverse as building houses for orphans in rural villages in Uganda to running career inspiration workshops for Adelaide secondary school students, the common outcome is that both the volunteers and the community benefit.  Indeed, it is often the volunteers who feel they receive much more than they give: they have a heightened sense of gratitude and empathy which enhances many areas of their lives.  As the current tag-line for the foundation says, “We are enriched”.

About Kain Foundation

The Kain Foundation is a registered public ancillary fund supporting place-based community projects in Australia and Uganda that create educational and economic opportunities for disadvantaged children and youth. The Kain Foundation operates on a corporate funding model. Corporate Partners contribute financially and by volunteering on projects, as well as by providing in-kind resources for Foundation operations. The Foundation conducts minimal direct fundraising activities and encourages recurring donations from each Corporate Partner so that their commitment to the Foundation is sustainable and long-lasting.

Corporate Partnerships

Our Corporate Partners are the engine of the Foundation. While the Foundation provides facilitation, coordination, and connection to community projects, our Corporate Partners drive the change through their resources – financial and in-kind contributions, and volunteered time and effort.

The Foundation currently has five Corporate Partners: Blue Sky Alternative Investments, KWP Advertising, Halpin Financial Services, Kelledy Jones Lawyers, and Kain Lawyers.  In 2016, we engaged 95 volunteers from our Corporate Partner network in 1,900 hours of direct service to approximately 350 people in communities around Adelaide and in Uganda, the majority of these children and youth.  We are actively seeking others to join our network to amplify our collective impact.

Community Partnerships

The Foundation works with a trusted group of not-for-profit and community-based organisations to implement and deliver great projects. The Foundation draws on the knowledge and experience of Community Partners to guide project work while providing access for Community Partners to corporate volunteer and financial support. The Foundation encourages collaborative partnerships across business, community and the philanthropic sectors so that knowledge, expertise and resources are leveraged constructively towards a common goal.

The Foundation currently works with seven Community Partners on five projects: Edmund Rice Foundation (Australia), The Real Uganda, Hopeline Organisation, Uganda Landcare Network, Habitat for Humanity SA, The Smith Family, and Re-Engage Youth Services.

Coming Soon

We’ve recently opened our annual Uganda trip up for participant applications.  Each year since 2009, the Foundation leads a group of 8-10 corporate volunteers for approximately two weeks of immersive experiences doing hands-on volunteering and connecting with communities in Kampala and surrounding rural villages of Uganda.  This trip is the ultimate adventure for a global citizen who is keen to expand their horizons and see the direct positive impact of sponsoring international development projects.  To get a better sense of the experience, watch this video from the 2014 trip.

The 2017 Uganda trip will run from 5-17 August.  Participants are asked to contribute $10K towards the Foundation’s Uganda projects, plus cover their travel and on-the-ground expenses (typically $2.5K).  The Foundation provides a fundraising letter of authority and fundraising tips for those who wish to fundraise a portion or all of their $10K commitment. Donations of $2 or more are tax deductible with receipts provided by the Foundation.

The Foundation continues to facilitate corporate volunteering opportunities on Adelaide-based programs benefitting disadvantaged children, youth and their families: Work Inspiration workshops, Drumbeat music therapy, Home Building Programs.  Additionally, the Foundation will be launching a new local youth scholarship program later this year where sponsors can track student outcomes over a period of years, thereby building sustainable and longer-lasting connections between corporate volunteers and the communities where these students live and study.

Watch for updates on both these programs on our website: where you can also subscribe to our monthly newsletter, “In the Loop”.




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