We are a team of dedicated professionals with international experience in many different technology industries.

Our team has expertise in sales and marketing, business development, strategic planning, infrastructure planning, licensing, attracting investment as well as securing and managing public funding.

  • Mr Joe Thorp
    Chief Executive
  • Ms Karen Baxter
    Executive Assistant
  • Ms Nikki Becker
    Chief Financial Officer
  • Ms Claire Cannell
    Finance Officer
  • Ms Bianca Srpek
    Administration Officer
  • Mr John Dagas
    Director, Precinct Development & Operations
  • Mr David Cattuzzo
    Facilities Manager
  • Ms Sarah Mortellaro
    Director, Industry Liaison
  • Ms Amanda Hudswell
    Marketing and Communications Manager
  • Ms Leanne Galpin
    Communications Support Officer
  • Ms Diana Tembak
    Director Legal & Compliance
  • Ms Kate O’Fathartaigh
    In-House Counsel
  • Ms Alicia Turner
    Administration & Compliance Officer

  • Dr Judy Halliday
    Director, Industry Development
  • Dr Jane Rathjen
    Business Development Manager
  • Mr Herve Astier
    Business Development Manager
  • Mr Mark Ledson
    Business Development Manager
  • Mr Reuben Jacob
    Business Development Officer
  • Ms Adriana Bracko
    Business Development Officer
  • Dr Ashok Kaniyal
    Business Development Officer